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Why Travelling with ANDO TRAVEL ?




We care

For many people travelling to a new country there is concern about health and safety. Unfamiliar and exotic destinations like Morocco might seem stressful and we fully understand the need to make all travelers feel reassured that they are in safe hands.


Safety First

Keeping those who travel with us safe and secure is our priority.



On the ground we provide the highest standards of safety. We provide a fleet of meticulously handpicked, safety-checked, air-conditioned vehicles ranging from chauffeur-driven luxury sedans to top of the range coaches. Our drivers are highly trained, completely insured, and experienced with all aspects of driving in Morocco, whether it’s managing the rush hour in Casablanca or off the beaten path in the Sahara desert dunes.



ANDO Travel provides expert guidance on everything from how to avoid stomach upsets, to what’s the best form of avoiding sunburn in the Sahara desert, as well as fast access to medical attention should the need arise. Everywhere we travel we make sure there is local medical care.



We are completely covered so our clients have peace of mind. ANDO Travel has a ‘Contingency-Insurance’ of National Insurance Company for MAD 10 million (approximately $ 0.2 million).


Great Morocco guides

ANDO Travel strongly believes that the quality of guides and escorts can make the difference between a good holiday and a great one. Anyone can memorize a few historical facts, but it takes personality and enthusiasm to bring them to life. Taking that extra bit of care to create a truly memorable experience rather than just doing it ‘by the book’ is the hallmark of an ANDO Travel guide. That’s why we consistently update and expand our list of preferred guides in all our destinations. Our team is actively involved in this exercise of compilation to ensure we have the best list of guides & escorts for our assignments. All guides & escorts on the panel are government approved, licensed guides and escorts, with a minimum of 5 years of work experience. Many have been with us for much longer and we often have repeat guests asking to have the same guide, which is especially rewarding. Before each booking, guides and escorts are personally briefed by or our travel experts on the guest profile and any specific requirement or need. Language fluency is especially important so we have English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Russian speaking guides. Besides providing in-depth information on the destination, ANDO Travel guides and escorts are required to have the highest standards of professional conduct. All guides and escorts are regularly reviewed and given detailed feedback gathered from our customer service questionnaires. This helps insure quality control throughout our network, as well as empowering our guides to achieve their best. Our feedback forms are kept on file as part of our belief in transparency.


Giving Back

ANDO Travel supports a variety of charitable endeavors in the destinations we promote.


We’re different

ANDO Travel was born because it is time to have a travel company as responsive and creative as its clients. In the past, many DMCs have been bogged down by layers of bureaucracy. By launching a new kind of DMC, one that is fast on its feet, able to create unique itineraries and special memories rather than just replicate the usual formulas, we are giving our clients the flexibility to be their best. New ideas can be embraced and implemented quickly rather than be stalled at the mercy of faceless travel bureaucrats and red tape, unable to keep pace with the demands of today’s travelers. People coming to Morocco are better informed, educated and experienced than ever before. They have the internet as their tour guide so why use a Morocco travel company? It’s the challenge we all face. The travelers today are independent, demanding and discerning…only travel companies that understand and respond to their unique needs will succeed. We are looking forward to working with travel partners who share our commitment to providing exceptional experiences for clients traveling to Morocco who expect nothing less. The high-calibre team at ANDO Travel has a proven track record. We share the same dream: to reveal the best of Morocco in all its beauty, diversity and wonder. We hope this gives you a brief insight into what ANDO Travel is all about. We’d love to meet and show you what makes us a better option for those seeking original, insightful solutions for their Morocco travel.