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Camel Ride Marrakech

Camel Ride at the Palm Groves in Marrakech

Leave the hustle and bustle of Marrakech behind and go on a half-day adventure. According to legend, this area was the site of a military camp, where, in the evenings, soldiers ate dates that had been carried from the pre-Saharan oases. The discarded pits fell into holes left by lances that had been thrust in the ground and so the palm groves of Marrakech were planted.you will enjoy Camel Ride at the Palm Groves in Marrakech

Day 1/2: Marrakech

Experience a camel ride in the palm groves of Marrakech. See the traditional way of life as you ride through nearby villages. Enjoy a break to try Moroccan-style tea along the way, we drink mint tea with local people to feel a moment of the hospitality and welcoming. Then Finally, Our driver will end this tour by droping you off in your start point.

Pick up & drop off from your hotel / riad to Palmerai.
One Camel per person (Child age from 6 till 12, Riding with an adult 50% discount).
About 2 hours camel tour in the Palmeraie
Camel guide
Mint tea

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5,0 rating
2 octobre 2019

We had a great time! Communication was great, they picked us up on time .. overall a great experience!


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