Casablanca shore excursions

Our Casablanca shore excursions will allow you discover the largest city in Morocco and its surroundings either in a few hours or a full day cruise excursion. Visit the majestic Hassan II Mosque considered as the land mark of the city, Rabat the capital of Morocco, the Portuguese fort of Eljadida and Azemmour, Or the red city of Marrakech.

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Explore Casablanca in a half day shore excursion : Visit the majestic Hassan II Mosque, the Cornish, the Royal Palce, and the Cathedrale of Notre Dame de Casablanca.

83 €

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Visit Rabat, The capital of Morocco, and one of the imperial cities of Morocco in a shore excursion from Casablanca. Rabat is famous for its historical Medina, museums and archaeological sites.

90 €

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Visit Marrakech on full day shore excursion from Casablanca to explore the most important city in Morocco. Get lost in the Souks and markets, visit historical sites, taste a Moroccan tagine in a Medina Riad.

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This full day shore excursion will introduce you to Casablanca, a cosmopolitan city famous for its Hassan II Mosque and the the imperial city of Rabat, the actual capital of Morocco with its historical Medina.

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This full day shore excursion from Casablanca will take you deeper into the Doukala region to visit the old Portuguese foritfied Medina of Mazagan and the sister town of Azemmour overlooking Oum Rabiaa River.

Things to do in Casablanca:

– Visit Hassan II Mosque:

Hassan II Mosque is the third largest Mosque in the world and the only functioning Mosque in Morocco to be visited by non Muslims. It was built to commemorate the late King’s 60th birthday and it is the greatest reflection of Moroccan craftsmanship.

– Visit Place Mohammed V:

Mohammed V Square is surrounded by public buildings whose design was later copied all over Morocco. The buildings include the law courts, the Wilaya ( the governor’s house ), Bank Almaghrib, the post office, and the former building of the ministry of Defense.

– Visit Rabat:

Rabat is the capital of Morocco and one of the 4 imperial cities, located an hour away north of Casablanca. A day trip to Rabat from Casablanca is must as it will introduce you to the historic era when Morocco controlled a vast geographic area stretching from Sengal and Mali to Northern Spain.