Covid-19: Safe journey to Morocco

After Sarss Covid-19 has forced  the globe to an aggressive shut down  transforming bright skies to dull ones having from all countries  in a jail like system that made them isolate in their hotel rooms , houses and sometimes coxed in deep right in their work places as it is the case of health care providers.

Here we are! After approximately one year of lock-down, we are ready to take off and drop off all the memory of the obliged enclosure we all had to put up with

In the Same flow of idea, in the same try to defeat this pandemic ogre  Morocco  and precisely  on September 6th , 2020, decided to unlock its sky full of wonders to the planes in order to link back travellers to their hobbies being , traveling , tracking and discovering.  Having in mind that this air circulation stream is highly tightened to certain conditions. Since health is worth it all and  health is worth the world .

In addition to that and for more clarification this opening in the airs of Morocco included   at the start professionals and other nationality holders that  are required to have a visa to enter Morocco. Now and despite the State of health emergency being proclaimed there are endeavours to have back the Moroccan travels guests  to stroll in their dear country of Morocco , to chill out , work out and go out.

I am ready to fly to Morocco what is next ?

Once you decide to pay Morocco a visit, no wonder why you must abide by requirements  set to have your air circulation in no contradiction with the sayings of Moroccan authorities

Work oriented visitors coming from outside the country should have a paper printed invitation with the guesting Moroccan business with its  heading.  Added to that the  letter is to be  sealed and signed by the Manager of the business  to be in the charge of the air traveler in Morocco, this letter has to be imperatively  justified by certified and up to day travel papers  with details like passport number, dates of entry, purpose of visit, accommodation details, country of origin ….

Now if  you are Moroccan or your passport allows you to travel Morocco without a needed visa then you  have to prove  booking in a recognized travel  hospitality facility  or a known raid before you embark to Morocco.

These drastic shift in traveling policy is caused by Covid 19  so  the Covid-19 test, is a key to your travel adventure in airs to really happen and in order to be so you must  have negative test results  in regards to  COVID-19 PCR test. These are not out dated before 72 hours before departure time.

To end up with your paper procedures and be boarded in peace you have to fill in the online form designed to look at  passenger health care history ,  print it  keep it on you then hand-graph it once you touch the Moroccan ground.

What countries are allowed in to Morocco, what are all the air companies one can be to fly to Morocco?

We feel you when with all your covid stress, luck of answers the preparation of your papers, and travel packaging, you have to add these two used to be banal questions to your list of travel concerns but here we shall give you a word explanation for those two QS or at least help you out with who’s to answer them for you

•Around the world , many countries are very troubled with the idea of starting a sky based from to air tours with all what is implicates of high contamination risk and with that being the case it won’t be difficult for you to know the air companies from your now residence country which are in the will to  fly it up that’s why internet searching devices could be of good use to you , or else you can ask your embassy here services here in Morocco to have it in a more clear way   

•We also urge you to contact airline’s official websites as said already .

• All helpful information for you will be given by the Moroccan National Tourism Office members on the spot to answer any of you travel related inquiries in Morocco

How is COVID 19 going with the Moroccan lands ?

Thanks to the Moroccan wit and knowledge in handling the ongoing spread of the pendimic since March, 2020. Stay away from full length gathering to avoid another 300dh payout and keep yourself safe with being at least 1m far from shoppers or food orderors.

Have in mind to go back to your hotel long before 08.00pm  and remember the boundary gestures like soaping your hands, using the Hand sanitizers regularly or sneezing into your elbow  and be free of fear for more info:

Click on: to find more detail about the covid-19 health condition in Morocco.

Download WIQAYTNA app ( Our safety) on your phone to be taken care of if you happen to stumble on someone with covid during your sejour  in Morocco

Lastly for this article.

When time comes and you are finally traveling to Morocco for the real feel remember that you are always welcome to enjoy your stay in zeal as Morocco and its grandeur are here  for your  guidance, help , shielding  so go for it go in full to it in light soul .

We love you

Ando Travel Team !

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