Special expeirences Morocco

Ando Travel is all about creating unique Moroccoan experiences for our guests. Unlike many destination management and travel companies who will offer the same old itineraries year in and out, we are flexible, willing and able to create new Moroccan experiences rather than operating under a set formula.

The diversity of Morocco makes it an ideal destination for special intersts. We work closely with the local authorities, Moroccan universities, museums, galleries and cultural organizations to create specialized itineraries.

An exclusive panel of guest speakers, experienced tour managers, skillful guides, all help provide a vast and in-depth knowledge of Morocco’s archaeology, history, culture, cuisine, crafts, design, music and wild life.

Whether you want to ride the passes of the Atlas Mountains in a Harley Davidson or vintage car, see Hassan II Mosque through the eye of a scholar, learn how to cook Couscous like a local, or want your private luxury camp built for you in the middle of the desrt, and get there on a helicopter, or what ever your passion is, Ando Travel will work to make it happen.