Tangier shore excursions

Tangier is the gate of Africa for so many arriving at its port for a Tangier shore excursion. Take a guided tour of the Medina and the near by Hercules caves, escape to the Berber charming town of Chaouen, or discover the Portuguese heritage of the forified town of Asilah.

40 €

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This half day shore excursion of Tangier will introduce you to the culture, history, architecture and life style of one of the most beautiful cities of Morocco just 15 kms away from Europe.

83 €

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Explore the beautiful Berber town of Cahouen in a full day shore excursion from Tangier. This shore trip will take you deeper into the Rif Mountains exploring Berber villages and splendid views.

83 €

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This day shore excursion from Tangier will allow you explore the Portuguese and Spanish influence, as well as the artistic and cultural side of the fortified town of Asilah.

Things to do in Tangier :

– Visit the Grand Succo :

The Grand Succo is the official entrance to the Medina ( walled old town ). Once a large market, it is where the narrow streets of Tangier begin. From here, walk into the terrace for a great ground floor view.

– Visit Kasbah Museum :

The museum is located in Dar Almakhzen historical site ( The former King’s palace, also used as the residence of the former Portuguese and British governors ). The museum is focused on the history of the area stretching from pre historic era to the 19th century.

– Visit Tangier American Legation Museum :

This museum is considered one of the must see sites in Tangier. This was the first real estate the American government ever owned abroad. It is no secret that Morocco was the first country to recognize the fielding of the United States. The museum is also the only US National historic landmark in a foreign soil.

– Visit The Petit Succo :

Known locally as ” Soul El Dakhel ”. This used to be the most notorious crossroad in Tangier! It is perfect to grab a seat at one of the cafés in the square to travel in time when the place was where all the deals were made in town.

– Mendoubia Gardens :

Across from the Grand Succo, the MAndoubia Gardens are flanked by elegant colonial buildings. At the top of a central hill, some colonial canons are lined.

– Day trip to Chefchaouen :

Chefchaouen ( Also called Chaouen ) is a beautiful Berber town perched beneath the raw peaks of the Rif Mountains, famous for its artsy blue washed streets.

– Day trip to Asilah :

Asilah is beautiful white washed fishermen town located at the Atlas Mountains south of Tangier, famous for its artists, and was a Spanish territory for a long time. The town is composed of an old fortress with a Portuguese style fortification, and a walled Medina overlooking the sandy beach. Asilah is also famous for being a resort town for the locals in summer time.