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So you’ve decided to travel to Morocco, but still unsure of things to do in Morocco while on a tour or holiday ? you’ve landed in the right place : We are the Moroccan travel experts who will spare no effort in sharing our insider knowledge of  Morocco as an exotic destination at the foot steps of Europe, and the crossroads between Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Camel trek in Erg Chebbi and Overnight at a Sahara desert camp:

For so many, this experience was considered the highlight of their trip to Morocco. What else could be better than riding your camel in the middle of nowhere while admiring a dramatic sunset over Erg Chebbi color changing sand dunes, before you head back to your Sahara desert camp nestled between 200m high sand dunes ? At night you can watch the shooting stars or enjoy a Tam Tam drums show performed by your local nomads camp hosts.

Get lost in the labyrinthine streets of Fez :

Fez, or Fe is the oldest Medina in Morocco, considered the cultural and spritual center of Morocco. Fe sis the best preserved and continuasly inhabitied medieval city still in existence.

If you’re brave enough to explore Fes without a guide, then, get ready for a cultural shock ! Feel the life of the Medina with its colours, smells, and sounds. Make sure to watch for donkeys transporting goods in the car free Medina of Fez when you hear ‘’ Balak’’, which means watch out.

Spend an evening at Jamaa Elfna Square :

Dating back to the 14th century, Jamaa El Fna square, with its sister tower la Koutoubia have become the symbol of Marrakech, protected as part of Morocco’s artistic heritage. For some it is the largest open air theatre in the world. Sip a cup of mit tea at the roof top terrace of Café Glacier while enjoying a sunset with La Koutoubia Minaret as a backdrop. As the square gets busy by the locals early in the evening, walk around street performers and watch the snake charmers, story tellers, jugglers, musicians, fortune tellers and even a street dentist. As yu approach the food stalls, i twill be hard to resist the BBQ smell. Grab a seat and enjoy a meal.

Visit the Souks of Marrakech :

The colourful Souks of Marrakech are a must see attraction while on an a tour to Morocco. You can find pretty much everything you’re looking for in there : Moroccan essentail oils, leather crafts, wood crafts, jewelery, lanterns, rought iron, Caftans, slippers, local decoration items, etc…

Pamper yourself in a Moroccan oriental Spa :

Every riad and hotel in Morocco has its own oriental Spa, some are even famous for their oriental Spa services rather than their rooms. The experience is consisted of a an hour or so Hammam ( steaming bath ) session, followed by a body scrub, then a relaxing massage made by local Argan oil and lemon rose water based essential oils.

Take a break in Chaouen:

Beautifully perched beneath the raw peaks of the Rif Mountains, Chaouen, or Chefchaouen is considered the prettiest town in Morocco. It is an artsy blue washed white Mountain village feeling like it has its own world.

Walking in the Medina, you’ll immediately notice a mixture of Arab, Andalusian and Berber influence.

Spend a couple of days here to relax after a busy journey touring Morocco.

Ando Travel will suggest some cosy riads and maybe a trip to the nearby Akchour cascades to spend a day sunbathing.

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